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Business Move offers companies and organizations a tailor-made service for both staff and small package transport. We have been transporting personnel to and from work for decades. Our goal is not modest: we strive to provide the best taxi service in the world for this customer group as well.

You can book either individually customized or cheapest combination transport in advance at an agreed fixed price. We have the most modern and very easy-to-use order management systems in the industry. Invoicing can be done by cost centre via e-invoicing. More than 300 cars and our multilingual drivers at Vantaan Taksi guarantee that your employees get to work safely and on time.


Taxi is the fastest and most flexible way to deliver an urgent small package with confidence. Even sudden changes in the schedule are not a problem for us. Our driving arrangements does the practical scheduling based on long experience. We have modern software, appointment booking and driving systems that we continually develop with our partners. Our booking service serves you 24 hours a day and is delivered by our subsidiary Taxi Point Oy.

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Transport that is suitable for you, with a tailor-made contract.

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    Elegant cars and drivers when luxurious transport is required

    Transport that is suitable for you, with a tailor-made contract.

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